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Our Recognition Events, Talent Shows and Social Festival.


Our Tourism innovation is an all-inclusive Theme parks, which combines Art, Culture, Creativity and Tech. It offers all kind of tourism. It is created as Artistic Wonderlands consisting of thousands of Artworks that promotes Africa’s rich cultural heritage. It is develop to transform the environment into all impressive attractions, attract new and visiting population from all over the world, create thousands of employment and empowerment for youths and women annually, and generate billions of revenues from its own economy annually. With that, handsome return on investment in guaranteed.

With our new tourism concept termed ‘Smart Tourism Development’, we are turning tourism into a real profitable industry. As a new indigenous innovation, it will contribute to the development of new skills and exportation of skills and personnel to the rest of the world.

Our company has proposed this new brand of tourist’s attractions for Nigeria. They are;  Artcity Naija Park Abuja. Island of the Wazobians Lekki-Lagos. The Lord’s Forest and The Gorilla Park Akure. The Throne of the Emirate Kano. The Island of the Orientals Abakaliki. The Creeks of the Deltans Port Harcourt. hello@artcityconcepts.com for partnership.


We know the market! Let’s talk Building Engineering Services, Property Marketing and Brokerage, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology. We create partners and a support system to get projects done.


Great innovation starts with great ideas. We develop concepts that are feasible. Our innovations are people oriented, designed to improve quality of life and offer return on investment, within the shortest time frame.


We create responsive and dynamic websites with retina-magnetic visual elements, apps, not undermining security. We setup Dedicated and Private servers to serve high capacity projects. Our ICT development team have worked on various web based projects. With a foreseeable future, where all gadgets, electronics and automobiles will have minds of their own, we are already delving into artificial intelligence development.

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